We are committed to welcoming everyone who enters the Catholic Student Center with hospitality. Our staff and student leaders excel at this. Our building does not. It’s cold, dark, damp, outdated and not ADA accessible.



The Catholic Student Center stands on the frontline in ministering to students who face a gauntlet of life challenges today.

Since the Catholic Student Center building opened in 1965, countless college students have walked through our doors. Between 2000-2018 alone, over 20,000 students, have come to the Catholic Student Center for Mass, Wednesday Night Dinner, retreats, bible studies, service projects, spiritual direction and more.

The New Catholic Student Center will finally deliver suitable space designed with our students spiritual, service and social needs in mind. Students will be comfortable in new climate-controlled rooms, filled with natural light and improved ADA accessibility will allow differently-abled students to freely maneuver throughout the building. The expansion will accommodate 300+ students in the Barney Room, doubling the current seating for our popular Wednesday Night Mass and Dinner, plus provide convenient overflow space for 100+ more students.

In the vision of Fr. Rob, Catholic students remain “Centered on Christ.” The hallmark of this project is a Eucharistic Adoration chapel in the center of the new building. As students enter the building, their eyes will be drawn toward the Eucharistic Adoration chapel – a place of intimate personal encounter with Jesus Christ to experience God’s grace and love.



A goal of $5 million has been established to help secure the critical day to day campus ministry and provide new funds to boldly expand the ministry. Once fully funded, the endowment will generate $200,000 annually to staff, counsel, gather, build up and equip University of Maryland Students for leadership in their faith, in their families, in their communities, and in their world. The collective impact will be immeasurable.


  • Increase outreach to all campus students, including those in programs such as athletics, Greek life, and graduate studies
  • Increase Catholic counseling availability to support rising numbers of students struggling with mental health issues
  • Expand our social justice outreach
  • Offer more retreats and mission trips
  • Increase campus ministry staff – adding campus ministers, FOCUS missionaries and counselors to best support our growing student ministries



  • Increase outreach, mentorship and programs offered to alumni, UMD faculty and staff
  • Expand opportunities for Alumni/UMD Staff to connect with Catholic Terps
  • Increase sustainable donor support, building relationships with all donors
  • Increase our development staff – adding support staff for development and advancement, including an alumni coordinator to support our growing Alumni, UMD faculty and staff ministries


For more information about how you can help, please contact Joelle Fitzmaurice by email at joelle@catholicterps.org or phone at 301-864-6223