The students and staff of the Catholic Student Center would like to pray for your deceased friends and family members
by lighting a candle for them on the Feast of All Souls.

Our All Souls Day Masses on November 2 will be celebrated
at the 12 pm Daily Mass at Memorial Chapel
and at a special 8 pm Mass, at the Catholic Student Center.

We have our normal Tuesday Adoration from 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm
at the Catholic Student Center as well.

The names of your loved ones who have died in the last year
(October 2020 – present), will be read at the 8 pm Mass.

All names submitted will be included in our votive lights memorial
which will be lit on All Souls Day.

Know of our prayers for you and your loved ones this November!

At this time we have suspended additional name entries for this year’s Mass. We will do this again next year. God Bless!