Embrace Stewardship this Lent!

40for40 is our Lenten Challenge asking you to join in taking care of the CSC

During the 40 days of Lent, become one of 40 new students giving online via Faith Direct to our offertory. Giving through Faith Direct is a commitment to giving sustainably to the CSC, meaning that this is a monthly or weekly recurring gift for 12 months. This allows the CSC to continue to minister throughout the year, even when all the students have gone for the summer and winter breaks.

How much? Any amount!

For example: $5/week or $10/mo goes a long way!

The Challenge?

Last year we had over 80 students participate and our goal for this year is to invite even more students to give and donate through Faith Direct. Student givers must begin giving through Faith Direct during Lent in order to count towards the 40for40 challenge.

Last year’s givers are invited to continue their gift and can count as a new giver by raising their gift by $1.00 or more, thus helping their group win the challenge.

All who participate in 40for40 will be invited to a Corn-Hole Tournament/Picnic after Easter!