Congrats seniors!  Welcome to Catholic Terps Alumni!  Please take the time to complete this questionnaire about your future plans, and where you will be! We also invite you to consider being open to having an alumni reach out to you  post graduation to network with you as you transition from undergrad to post-grad Catholic Terp! These alumni will most likely be someone who will have similarities with each graduate based upon location, area of study or potential work. This is very informal but hopefully a helpful resource that can provide you with some experienced support as you transition into Catholic Terps alumni status!  There are many alumni all over the country and they are very happy to talk/meet with you about their experiences as they left the CSC and moved on to parish life.  We hope you take advantage of this opportunity, and know that we invite you to stay connected to the CSC as alumni, and visit us at the events we will be sharing via our communications and these Alumni Network Database (AND) alumni.  Congrats again!